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Woman charged with DUI after allegedly crashing into Jupiter, Florida bar

A Florida woman reportedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes as she allegedly drove in a parking lot outside a Jupiter, Florida bar Monday night. Police claim that the woman's car plowed through the wall into the bar, where patrons were seated inside. The car accident was reported around 11:30 Monday night.

Authorities say that the car ran into wooden booths inside where customers of the bar were seated. Police say that the car pushed debris through the establishment toward other patrons seated at the bar. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured from the accident, according to the bar owner.

However, police accuse the woman of driving under the influence when she allegedly hit the wrong pedal in the parking lot. It is not clear from news reports what evidence law enforcement uncovered to lead to the DUI suspicion.

Generally, Florida law allows prosecutors to bring felony charges based upon allegations of a drunk driving accident causing serious bodily injury to another. A DUI serious bodily injury offense is considered a third-degree felony, which carries a maximum statutory sentence of up to five years in Florida prison.

A car accident involving property damage, meanwhile, remains a misdemeanor-level offense. But a person can still face potential time behind bars and other consequences, including the potential for restitution for the alleged damage.

Fort Myers DUI defense lawyers know that car accidents are fairly common in Florida. When a car accident investigation turns into a potential DUI investigation, it is important for a driver suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to consider seeking legal advice as soon as possible after the allegations arise for help in both a potential criminal case and the administrative DMV hearings that may be associated with a DUI arrest.


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