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East Naples man arrested for DUI at fast food drive through

Drunk driving charges in Florida can lead to significant consequences if a driver is convicted of the offense. Many people are aware that Florida law prohibits driving under the influence, but it is important to note that drunk driving charges may also allege sleeping behind the wheel in Florida, A recent story out of Naples underscores the concept. While the story involves charges, it is also vital to understand that a charge does not mean that a person has been convicted of the offense.

Collier County Sheriff's officials accuse a 24-year-old man of sleeping in the driver's seat of his car at a McDonald's drive-through. Law enforcement says that the East Naples man was not easy to awaken. A deputy who responded to the fast-food restaurant reportedly pounded on the windows and sunroof of the man's car, but was not able to get the driver's attention.

The deputy tapped the man on his arm and even shook the man's shoulder. At some point, the man awoke, but deputies claim that his responses to requests from law enforcement were not sufficiently coherent. Authorities claim that the man smelled of alcohol and provided the deputy at the scene with a bank card instead of a driver's license while the deputy was dealing with the driver.

Eventually, the man was placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Authorities claim that the East Naples man blew alcohol readings of 0.203 and 0.215 percent during breath testing procedures at the Naples Jail Center. The man is now facing a charge of DUI second offense.

Stories of DUI arrests in the media come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to remember that a media report concerning a criminal offense is typically generated from government sources. Defendants have the right to remain silent. However, a person accused of an offense has the right to an attorney, who can review all of the facts that may surround allegations of a crime, as well as the procedures used by police to obtain evidence.

Source: Naples News, "Super-sized arrest: Man found passed out in drive-thru charged with DUI," Jan. 18, 2013

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